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Who Are You Wearing

Comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean talks clothes and style with the best-dressed people she knows.

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Downloadable transcripts

Episode 1 – Jonathan Ross

Episode 2 – Susie Wokoma

Episode 3 – Laura Whitmore

Episode 4 – Joe Black

Music by Ani Glass
Illustration by Mythsntits

I Wish I Was An Only Child

Cathy and Rachel Masons are sisters who have worked together for decades despite their explosive relationship. They speak to other siblings in the entertainment industry and beyond about the dynamic of their guests’ relationship to try to work out where the Mason sisters are going wrong. Funny, emotional, and plenty of regressing to childhood roles, the Masons explore all aspects of the unique relationship of the sibling.

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Downloadable transcripts

The trailer

Ep 1 Josh & Henry Widdicombe

Ep 2 Sara & Sam Barron

Ep 3 Daisy May & Charlie Cooper

Ep 4 Athena & Seth Kugblenu

Ep 5 Ahir & Tash Shah 

Ep 6 Peter Serafinowicz, James Serafinowicz & Helen Linehan

Ep 7 The Mason Sisters Christmas Special

Ep 8 Ruth & Liz Madeley

Ep 9 Mark & Paul Watson

Ep 10 Rebecca & Jeremy Front

Ep 11 Rosie and Nicola Dempsey (Flo and Joan)

Ep 12 Frank Skinner & Keith Collins

Ep 13 Kiri Pritchard-McLean & Alistair & Kyle 

Ep 14 Selasi Gbormittah & Edinam Gbormittah

Ep 15 Konnie & Dr Rupa Huq

Ep 16 Roman & Harley Moon Kemp

Ep 17 Bobby Seagull & Davey Jose

Ep 18 Rosie & Ollie Jones

Ep 19 Beth & Emma Kilcoyne 

Ep 20 Adam & Neil Pearson

Ep 21 Tiffany & Gayle Stevenson

Ep 22 Philippe & Marc Sands

Ep 23 Sam & Teddy Leifer

Ep 24 Sophie and Chening Duker

Produced by Little Wander.
Theme Music by Rhodri Viney

Here to Judge

Comedians Leila Navabi (Tourist Trap,The Leak with Tom Price), Priya Hall (Who Said That?) and Robin Morgan (The Now Show, Romesh Presents…) scour the internet for disturbing dilemmas to dish out advice and decide who’s to blame. Inspired by the notorious Am I the Asshole? Reddit thread, these three Welsh stand-ups discuss quandaries from “Is it ok if my partner doesn’t let me upstairs in the house we own together?” to “My friend refuses to make my dog a birthday cake and now we’re not speaking – is she overreacting or am I?”

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Downloadable Transcripts

The Trailer

Episode 1 – Nana’s Teeth

Episode 2 – Verruca Sock 

Episode 3- Baby in the Wall

Episode 4 – It’s Crazy Train

Episode 5 – Weird to Vanillas

Episode 6 – Better, Happier People

Episode 7 – Dressed Entirely In Red Velvet

Episode 8 – Textbook Shit-stirring

Episode 9 – I’ve Pavlov’d Myself

Episode 10 – Bomb Toothpaste

Episode 11 – Cha Cha Cha

Episode 12 – Peanut Butter Dilemma

Episode 13 – Salmonella Nightmare

Episode 14 – Lizards Are Shit

Episode 15 – Valentine’s Egg

Episode 16 – The Navabi Scale

Episode 17 – Biden in Llanelli

Episode 18- Pop Your Mum Off

Episode 19 – Befoul the Love Making

Episode 20 – Stupid Baby

Episode 21 – Mr Gorgonzola

Episode 22 – Bitch Me Out

Episode 24 – Gravy in a Bottle

Episode 25 – Potato Apathy

Episode 26 – Snakes Up Your Arse

Episode 27 – Grey Socked Wankers

Episode 28 – Horrible Manipulator

Episode 29 – Broth Pasty

Episode 30 – Seagulls and Tomfoolery

Episode 31 – Cult of Leila

Episode 32 – The Ball Dip

Episode 33 – Royal Variety

Episode 34- Tinned Goods

Episode 35- BYOG

Produced by Little Wander.
Theme Music by Rhodri Viney