Ed Easton and Kath Hughes (Gein’s Family Giftshop) invite special guests to Spooktown to tell tales of many ghosts that supposedly inhabit the haunted settlement. The scariest accounts enter into Spooktown lore, the failures will be told to scram.

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Downloadable transcripts
The Trailer

Episode 1 – James Acaster 

Episode 2 – Evelyn Mok

Episode 3 – Jordan Brookes

Episode 4 – Rosie_Jones

Episode 5 – The Scaredy Kat (Alex_Cubb)

Episode 6 – Stuart Laws

Ed Easton & Kath Hughes Christmas Special

Episode 7 – Sunil Patel

Episode 8 –  Athena Kugblenu

Episode 9 – Darren Harriott

Episode 10 – Yuriko Kotani

Episode 11 – Isy Suttie




Produced by Little Wander.
Theme Music by Rhodri Viney.