Comedians Leila Navabi (Tourist Trap,The Leak with Tom Price), Priya Hall (Who Said That?) and Robin Morgan (The Now Show, Romesh Presents…) scour the internet for disturbing dilemmas to dish out advice and decide who’s to blame. Inspired by the notorious Am I the Asshole? Reddit thread, these three Welsh stand-ups discuss quandaries from “Is it ok if my partner doesn’t let me upstairs in the house we own together?” to “My friend refuses to make my dog a birthday cake and now we’re not speaking – is she overreacting or am I?”

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Episode 1 – Nana’s Teeth 

Episode 2 –  Verruca Sock

Episode 3  Baby In The Wall

Episode 4 – It’s Crazy Train

Episode 5 – Weird to Vanillas

Episode 6 – Better, Happier People

Episode 7 – Dressed Entirely In Red Velvet

Episode 8 – Textbook Shit-Stirring

Episode 9 – I’ve Pavlov’d Myself

Episode 10 – Bomb Toothpaste

Episode 11 – Cha Cha Cha

Episode 12 – Peanut Butter Dilemma

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