Cathy and Rachel Mason are sisters who have worked together for decades despite their explosive relationship. They speak to other siblings in the entertainment industry and beyond about the dynamic of their guests’ relationship to try to work out where the Mason sisters are going wrong. Funny, emotional, and plenty of regressing to childhood roles, the Masons explore all aspects of the unique relationship of the sibling.

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Ep 1 Josh & Henry Widdicombe

Ep 2 Sam & Sara Barron

Ep 3 Daisy May & Charlie Cooper

Ep 4 Athena & Seth Kugblenu

Ep 5 Ahir & Tash Shah

Ep 6 Peter Serafinowicz, James Serafinowicz & Helen Linehan

Ep 7 The Mason Sisters Christmas Special

Ep 8 Ruth & Liz Madeley

Ep 9 Mark & Paul Watson

Ep 10 Rebecca & Jeremy Front 

Ep 11 Rosie & Nicola Dempsey (Flo & Joan)

Ep 12 Frank Skinner & Keith Collins

Ep 13 Kiri Pritchard-McLean & Alistair & Kyle

Ep 14 Selasi Gbormittah & Edinam Gbormittah

Ep 15 Konnie & Dr Rupa Huq

Ep 16 Roman & Harley Moon Kemp

Ep 17 Bobby Seagull & Davey Jose

Ep 18 Rosie & Ollie Jones

Ep 19 Beth & Emma Kilcoyne

Ep 20 Adam & Neil Pearson

Ep 21 Tiffany & Gayle Stevenson

Ep 22 Philippe & Marc Sands

Ep 23 Sam & Teddy Leifer

Ep 24 Sophie & Chening Duker

Produced by Little Wander.
Theme Music by Rhodri Viney.